Gap filling, 14

January 13, 2007

The Curse of Tutankhamun

Most people scoff (0) at the idea of curses coming true, but the events that followed the opening (1)__of_ Tutankhamun’s tomb (2)_by__ Howard Carter (3)__in_ 1922 may make them think twice (4)__before__ laughing.
The story (5)_of__ the curse began when the last man climbed out (6)_of_ the tomb. It is said that a sudden sandstorm blew (7)_up__ and that the men (8)_in__ the party saw a hawk, the ancient royal symbol (9)_of_ Egypt, fly overhead.
Local Egyptians took this to mean that the spirit (10)_of__the dead king had left his tomb, cursing those who had opened it. Five months later, the man who financed the expedition, Lord Carnarvon, was bitten (11)__on__ the cheek (12)__by__ a mosquito. Normally nothing too serious! But the bite became infected and Carnarvon caught pneumonia and died (13)__in__ an Egyptian hospital.
(14) __At__ the precise moment (15)_of___ his death all the lights (16)_in___ Cairo went (17)__out___ and thousands (18)__of___ miles away (19) __at / in___ the Carnarvon mansion (20)__in__ Hampshire, England, his dog began to howl – and died (21)__during / in___ the night. Doctors who examined the mummified body (22)_of__ Tutankhamun reported that he had a small depression (23)__on__ his cheek, just like a mosquito bite, (24)__in__ exactly the same spot where Carnarvon had been bitten.
Many people who visited the tomb also died (25)_in / under__ strange circumstances. Lord Carnarvon’s half-brother died (26)__of__ a burst appendix. An Egyptian prince whose family claimed descent (27)__from__ the pharaohs was murdered (28)__in__ London and his brother commited suicide. An American railway tycoon caught a cold while (29)___at / in_ the tomb and died (30)__of__ pneumonia.
The man who helped Howard Carter to catalogue the items found (31)__in / inside__ the tomb commited suicide, and a few months later his father jumped (32)__to__ his death (33)__from__ the balcony (34)__of__ his London flat. There was an alabaster vase (35)__from___ the tomb (36) __in__the room that he jumped (37)__from__
(38)__In__ 1966 the governement (39)__of__ Egypt agreed to lend the treasures (40)__to___France (41)_for___ an important exhibition. The Director (42)_of__ Antiquities fought (43)__against (or no preposition)__the decision, because he had dreamed that he would die if he allowed the treasures to go (44)__out of___ (two words) Egypt. When he left the last meeting, still trying to make the authorities change their minds, he was knocked down (45)__by__ a car and died two days later.
And Howard Carter who was the first man (46)__into / out of___ the tomb? He died -(47)___of__ natural causes – (48) _in__ 1939.


Gap filling, 13

January 13, 2007

Call me Mother

It was (0) their first wedding anniversary and to celebrate it Colin and his wife, Julie decided to go (1)_for___ a meal at one of the (2)__most / really__expensive restaurants in town. They were (3)__enjoying / savouring_ the romantic evening, gazing lovingly (4)__into_ each other’s eyes, when an elderly lady sitting alone made her way to the table.
‘I’m terribly sorry to (5)__bother / disturb / trouble_you’, she said, wiping away a tear. ‘But you look just (6)__like_my son. He was killed in a car accident just over a year ago and I (7)___still / do__ miss him terribly, I wonder if you’d (8)__do_ me a favour?’
The couple were very moved by the old lady and , feeling sorry (9)__for__her, agreed to help her if they could.
‘I wonder if, just as I’m leaving, you (10)__would / could / might__ say “Goodbye , Mum” and wave me off? It could give me (11)__such_ a thrill.’
‘Of course we will,’ the couple replied. ‘No problem.’ Well, (12)___how_ could they possibly refuse?
The old lady thanked them and went back to her table. (13)__After_ a short while, she picked up all her belongings and got up to leave.
‘Goodbye, Mum!’ shouted the couple with a big , theatrical wave as the old lady made her way slowly out (14)__of_ the restaurant. ‘See you at the weekend,’ Colin added.
Feeling very pleased (15)__that___they had made an old person happy, they finished their meal and asked for the (16)__bill_ . But after checking and rechecking it they sent for the manager, demanding to know (17)__why / how_ they had been overcharged by more than £40.
‘But that (18)_includes / is_ the charge for the lady’s meal,’ the manager explained. ‘She said her son would pay.’

Gap filling, 12

January 13, 2007

Smoking will kill one million people

1 e
2 j
3 o
4 l
5 h
6 n
7 a
8 c
9 g
10 k
11 b
12 f

Gap filling, 11

January 13, 2007

(Suggested answers)

1 You’re late! You __should have been / were supposed to be / ought to have been_here half an hour ago.

2 Even if we had run all the way we still __wouldn’t have been able to _catch the train.

3 ‘Cigarette?’
‘No, thank you. I __stopped smoking / gave up smoking / gave them up__ two years ago’

4 Do you really ___have to go / have to leave__so soon? Can’t you stay just a little bit longer?

5 Sorry everyone. I’m going to have to go to bed. I’m just __not used to / not accustomed to / incapable of__staying up late.

6 My neighbour is __one of the nicest / kindest / most pleasant / most interesting/ most intelligent etc__ people you could ever wish to meet.

7 Don’t park there _or you’ll / or you might / in case you__ get a parking ticket

8 ‘Another cup of coffee?’
‘No, thanks. I _‘ve had / ‘ve drunk _two cups already.’

9 Even if we’d caught a taxi, we still __wouldn’t have got / wouldn’t have arrived_ there in time.

10 The weather was so bad that they decided __not to have / to cancel / they wouldn’t have / to postpone / to call off / to put off_ the barbecue.

11 ‘What __does she do for __a living?’
‘She’s an accountant’

12 I was only eighteen when I started working for Brown & Company. So by June next year I _will have been working_ for them for forty-five years.

13 What’s happened to Jake? I _haven’t seen / haven’t spoken to / haven’t heard a word from _since 1990

14 The holiday was a total disaster. I just wish __I had gone / I’d spent it / we had gone / we had chosen / we had spent it etc_ somewhere else.

15 My wife was staying with her mother in Scotland last weekend, so you __can’t (possibly) /couldn’t (possibly)___ have seen her in London.

Gap filling , 10

January 13, 2007

The Hitchhiker

1 as / while
2 trying / hoping / waiting
3 So
4 come
5 without
6 would
7 pulled / drove / drew
8 room
9 surprise /horror /amazement /disgust /annoyance /delight etc
10 As / Since / Because
11 inside
12 made
13 long
14 had
15 pick
16 out
17 get / feel
18 of / off
19 been
20 with
21 off / from
22 since / again

Gap filling, 9

January 13, 2007

The new pet

1 from
2 decided / wanted >/ hoped / intended
3 later / afterwards
4 about / with
5 into / through
6 his
7 rather
8 took
9 belonging
10 but
11 on
12 after
13 back
14 no / few
15 would
16 of
17 saw / met / spotted
18 how
19 some / a
20 has

Gap filling, 8

January 13, 2007

1 If __you see / you should see / happen to see__Paula at the meeting, remind her to phone me tonight.

2 ‘_Is it far / Is it a long way_from here to the station? ‘No, it’s only a ten minute walk’

3 It’s Kevin’s party at the weekend. __Are you going / Have you been invited_to it?

4 According to his instructions, we __should turn / have to turn_ left at the next set of traffic lights.

5 __Unless you work / If you don’t work__harder, you won’t pass your exams in the summer.

6 When she first moved to Britain from the States it took her quite a while to __get used to / get accustomed to / feel confident at_driving on the left.

7 We’d better leave now because it __will take (us)_ at least half an hour to get there.

8 I’m sorry. I _didn’t know / didn’t realize / wasn’t aware / had no idea that__ you weren’t allowed to smoke in here.

9 ‘I’m at least a kilo overweight.’ ‘Then you__‘d better / had better /ought to / (realy) must_go on a diet’

10 ‘How long ___have you had__ short hair?’ ‘Since I joined the army’

11 ‘Are you Swedish?’ ‘No, __I come from / I was born in / I’m from_Norway.’

12 What__woud you do / buy / say etc / would you feel like__if you won £1 million?

13 That’s a nice car. It __must have cost_her a lot of money.

14 It might rain later on , so _don’t forget to take / remember to take / (perhaps) you’d better take / I suggest you take__an umbrella with you

15 You ___can’t / mustn’t / ‘d better not__smoke in here. It’s not allowed.

Gap filling, 7

January 13, 2007

The car thief

1 had been stolen
2 phoned
3 leaving
4 returned
5 found
6 had been brought back
7 was
8 opened
9 found
10 apologizing
11 had written
12 did not have
13 had gone
14 hoped
15 did not mind / would not mind
16 had taken
17 enclosed
18 were
19 had been trying / had tried
20 had
21 had expected
22 were
23 decided
24 got
25 awaited
26 had been burgled
27 had been stolen
28 knew
29 lying
30 recognized
31 saying
32 enjoyed

Gap filling, 6

January 12, 2007

1 It’s __much / far__easier to learn to play the guitar __with__ a teacher __than_ by trying to teach yourself.

2 She has _been_ living in Brighton _since_ 1991

3 __When_he first lived in Italy it took him a long time to get __used__ to driving __on_the right

4 ‘How __often/ frequently__do you go jogging?’ ‘Oh, about once __a / every__week.’

5 Peter doesn’t sing _as / so_well as his brother, but he’s a much __better / cleverer_keyboard player.

6 Sally _can’t / couldn’t / didn’t_ come with us tonight __because / as_she’s got a cold.

7 I_started_ learning French five years __ago_,but I’ve __still_ got a lot to learn.

8 I haven’t smoked _for_ten years. In fact, I can’t really remember what a cigarette tastes _like_

9 ‘Is that red Volvo___yours__? ‘No, it’s __not__mine. I __don’t / can’t drive’

10 I’m _going / hoping / planning_to get a job in television when I __leave_university.

11‘How_long__does it take to _get / drive / travel_ to London?’ ‘About twenty minutes __by__car’

12 __It_ was a Bank Holiday yesterday so, as usual, __there__were lots of cars on the roads.

13 He’s been decorating the kitchen __since__last week and still hasn’t finished it __yet__

14 Which bus _did/do_ you catch home _last / at__night?

15 In Britain, it is _much / usually_ cheaper to go by bus __than_ to go by train

16 _All / Most / Half_ of them live in Wales but _only / not_ one of them speaks Welsh.

17 How _many_ people _were_there at the meeting last night?

18 ‘__What_’s the time please?’ ‘It’s _almost / nearly / exactly / approximately / about_three o’clock’

19 ‘Did you___do__anything interesting yesterday? ‘No, not __really_ . I just __did_some shopping in the afternoon, that’s __all_’

20 You will _have_ to work much harder _if_ you’re going to pass your exam __in__ the summer.

21‘Have you ever _been_ to London before?’ ‘No, this __is / will be_my first visit.’

22 She moved to Belgium two years _ago__ and has been living and working ___there__ ever since.

23 We didn’t know that our flight _would_ be delayed. We _had_ to wait in the Departure Lounge for _more_ than three hours.

24 You _can’t_ have seen Mary in London yesterday. She’s been in Canada __for_ the past month.

Gap filling, 5

January 12, 2007

The definite and indefinite article

1 The, an , the
2 a , the, a
3 The , the, the
4 – , – , the
5 a. the, an – , the
6 – , a. – , the
7 a , – , the , the
8 – , the
9 – , the , The , the , – , the
10 an , – , a . the